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Author & Business Coach shares the SCOOP on his Zrii experience...

Written By David Ogunnaike

A few months ago I was approached by a gentleman at the mall who gave me a DVD on the Zrii business opportunity... After checking out the information I really liked the business concept and decided to join..

My very first month in Zrii I signed up 10 people.... I was driving all over town sampling Zrii to friends and family, telling them about the amazing health benefits of the product.

I was faithfully hosting 2 opportunity meetings weekly at my home. My SUV was jammed packed with product everywhere... (Brochures, CDs, DVD's anything affiliated with Zrii, I owned it...)

Still getting people to invest in Zrii was no easy task...In fact, most people I showed Zrii to really liked the product and the business, but were unwilling to join because of the monthly financial commitment.

I also discovered how difficult it was keeping my team motivated...The truth is when people come home from a "long day at the office", they're really NOT in the mood for another Zrii meeting..

It was also a constant struggle to keep my team on auto-ship, I experienced tons of cancellations weekly in my business. My paycheck never reflected how much TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY I was truly putting into Zrii.

In order to succeed in Zrii you've got to be great at finding people that have a lot of time and disposable income, most people have neither. (Especially in this economy, Zrii is way too expensive....)

If you can't show people how to quickly create cashflow they're not going to join your business. Unfortunately the majority of people that join Zrii quit within 90 days.

      That's when I discovered this NEW opportunity,
It's the only business that pays without having to recruit
and that makes it MUCH easier to make MONEY with

You've got to see this amazing new program. It's the easiest and fastest way to create an income from home. It's simple, affordable (only $20 to start), and offers a product so different from any company around, infact you never need to be on autoship for a product)....

Don't be surprised if you start making money the same day you enroll. And once you do, you could start to enroll 15 to 20 people every month into your business. My first 6 weeks, my team is already up to 142 people... (It's NUTS...)

It's absolutely amazing, it seems like everyone I show this business to says "YES"...Since we get paid to collect money, it truly eliminates people from having to make a big financial decision.

Now I'm just getting started with this program, and I know I'll be one of the top income earners in the entire company ...

What's really nice about this business is that you don't have to bother any of your friends or family...

NO more hotel meetings, home tasting-parties, or driving across town delivering product to family and friends...I'm talking about a simple business that you can build around your busy schedule without ever having to leave your home...

Listen, I know that I have paid my dues, and if you've felt my pain and are tired of struggling, then I'll invite you to join me on my journey...let me show you WHAT I found, WHY it's working and HOW I'll teach you, how to finally build a business right from home without having to bother or bug your friends and family...

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